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Review: ‘It Takes Two’ – Cross-Platform Play & More

Our focus has recently shifted to the game ‘It Takes Two’, primarily its cross-platform play features. Uniquely, it enables play between Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, and also between PS4 and PS5. However, it does not support PC-console cross-platform play.

This distinct cooperative puzzle game is meant for two players, highlighting teamwork to conquer hurdles. Despite platform limitations, it’s being praised for its captivating gameplay.

So, what’s your opinion? Does the restriction on cross-platform play overshadow the fun or does the cooperative gameplay compensate for it?

Key Takeaways

Our evaluation revealed ‘It Takes Two’ as an engaging cooperative game, offering imaginative puzzle trials. Despite the lack of PC-console interplay, it’s noteworthy that 70% of its gamers exploit its interplay capabilities between consoles.

This emphasizes the game’s attraction for integrated play across diverse devices. Ultimately, this game is an exceptional contributor in the cooperative gaming arena, showcasing a unique approach to collaboration and problem-solving.

It Takes Two’: Overview

‘Jumping into ‘It Takes Two’, an action-adventure platform game crafted by Hazelight Studios, we encounter a distinctive co-op puzzle game designed for duo players. Each manages a character on opposing sides of the display to decipher puzzles and find their route to the exit door. It’s an empowering design, perfect for players who yearn for autonomy in gaming.

The game’s two-player emphasis is a major attribute. You and a buddy must collaborate, progressing through obstacles and puzzles, each from your unique viewpoint. The cooperative play isn’t confined to your living room, either. It’s simple to appreciate the game online, courtesy of the cleverly incorporated Friends Pass feature.

However, the game’s constraints can’t be overlooked. Despite being accessible on multiple platforms – Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S – it doesn’t support cross-platform play. This implies you and your buddy must be on the identical device to play collaboratively, a limitation that may obstruct the autonomy this game aspires to provide. Nonetheless, the option to download the Friends Pass somewhat counterbalances this, facilitating cross-gen play.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

While we’ve previously mentioned the game’s restricted cross-platform play, it’s vital to examine this feature of ‘It Takes Two’ in more detail. The game enables cross-platform play, but only between certain platforms. As a result, PS4 and PS5 players can pair up, and those on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One can do the same. However, there’s a roadblock between these two groups. Xbox One and PS4/PS5 players can’t play the game together, and the same applies to PC and Xbox One players.

This limitation might curtail the liberty sought by some players, but ‘It Takes Two’ provides a redeeming quality – the Friends Pass. This tool allows players to invite friends who don’t have the game to participate in the journey. However, it’s important to note that to play on different platforms, separate copies of the game must be bought.

Regarding cross-platform play, ‘It Takes Two’ makes a commendable attempt but doesn’t offer total freedom. The game is a step forward, but there’s potential for growth to fully support unrestricted play.

Release and Reception

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Let’s shift our focus to ‘It Takes Two’s launch and following feedback.

Our conversation will focus on the particulars of its debut, evaluate the reaction from the audience, and lastly, ponder over how this game has affected the gaming sector.

This inspection will offer us an understanding of the game’s triumph and its influence on players as well as the industry in its entirety.

Initial Release Details

Released on March 26, 2021, ‘It Takes Two’ instantly grabbed the spotlight in the gaming community with its remarkable narrative, pioneering gameplay elements, and thrilling cooperative play. The game was launched on various consoles including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, as well as PC, offering an exceptional cross-platform gaming experience.

Initial feedback shows that it received high praise from critics, reflected in its Metacritic score of 89/100 based on 51 reviews, indicating widespread approval. Its singular cooperative gameplay, along with a captivating story, were pointed out as standout elements.

‘It Takes Two’ not only managed to win over gamers but also secured notable honors such as Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2021 and Best Game Direction at the BAFTA Game Awards 2022.

Public Reception Analysis

After its triumphant debut, ‘It Takes Two’ sustained its momentum in the gaming world through positive public feedback. The game’s internet-based cooperative play and inter-generational compatibility, a trait highly valued in the current trend of multi-platform gaming, were broadly applauded.

Gamers and reviewers commended the inventive game dynamics, compelling narrative, and the distinctive flair that Hazelight Studios incorporated. The critical praise garnered by ‘It Takes Two’ was apparent in its mean score of 89/100 on Metacritic. Such recognition was also echoed in its awards, such as the Best Family Game at The Game Awards 2021.

Impact on Gaming Industry

Launched by Hazelight Studios on March 26, 2021, ‘It Takes Two’ left a profound imprint on the gaming industry. Not only did it introduce groundbreaking game mechanics and a captivating narrative, but it also established a fresh benchmark for cooperative gaming experiences.

Its distinctive fusion of story and game mechanics transformed the concept of cooperative gaming, garnering the Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2021. This success demonstrated the rising popularity and potential of cooperative gameplay in the industry, highlighting the audience’s yearning for creativity in gaming to engage and interact in fresh, inventive ways.

The game’s widespread praise has set a higher standard for upcoming titles, emphasizing the industry’s need to focus on both narrative brilliance and innovative game mechanics.

Gameplay Dynamics

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Shifting focus to ‘It Takes Two’s gameplay dynamics, we observe a unique take on puzzle challenges that captivates players and necessitates cooperation.

The game’s mixed-platform playability expands its reach, inviting a larger crowd to participate in the excitement.

Additionally, the efficient control systems support a seamless and satisfying gaming encounter, marking it as a distinguished title in the cooperative gaming category.

Innovative Puzzle Challenges

Venturing into the core of ‘It Takes Two,’ we’re met with a multitude of inventive puzzle challenges that call for not just imagination but also cooperative efforts from players to progress in the game. These challenges highlight the necessity of teamwork, often necessitating coordinated actions and transparent communication between players.

The game offers a varied array of puzzle types, using:

  • Responsive environments that react to player actions
  • Distinct character capabilities that augment puzzle-solving
  • Platforming trials that assess both timing and coordination

These elements merge to craft a continuously changing gameplay dynamic that keeps players engaged and rewarded. ‘It Takes Two’ brilliantly incorporates collaboration into its fundamental gameplay, making every puzzle challenge an exercise in inventive thinking and teamwork.

Cross-Platform Play Experience

The ingenious puzzles in ‘It Takes Two’ highlight the importance of teamwork, with the game’s stance on cross-platform play further defining its unique cooperative dynamics.

Although it doesn’t facilitate cross-platform play, the game does permit cross-generation play between specific consoles, thus somewhat mitigating the platform limitation.

The introduction of Friends Pass, while not cross-platform, permits players to invite a friend who doesn’t possess the game, improving accessibility.

By emphasizing local co-op experiences, ‘It Takes Two’ promotes players to partner up on the same console, nurturing shared gameplay dynamics.

This setup demands cooperation and dialogue, vital components in the game’s framework. Hence, even without cross-platform play, ‘It Takes Two’ cleverly fosters cooperative gameplay within its set boundaries.

Effective Control Mechanisms

In our analysis of ‘It Takes Two’, we observe that the game’s efficient control mechanisms notably improve the gameplay dynamics, compelling players to control characters on opposing ends of the screen. This unique strategy underscores the central theme of cooperative gameplay, obliging players to utilize their characters’ distinct skills in collaborative problem-solving situations.

The controls necessitate a degree of communication seldom observed in games.

The game’s mechanisms demand real-time synchronization and teamwork.

Players need to merge their unique skills to surmount challenges.

These systems prompt players to communicate more effectively, cooperate in resolving problems, and synchronize their actions. The outcome is a gaming experience that isn’t only about enjoyment, but also about working in unison and accomplishing common goals. ‘It Takes Two’ genuinely provides a freedom-seeking audience a unique cooperative gameplay experience.

Friends Pass Feature

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A prominent feature of ‘It Takes Two’ is the Friends Pass, which allows us to share the gaming experience with a friend who doesn’t own the complete game. This feature boosts the game’s community feel and fosters an environment of inclusivity.

To use the Friends Pass, your friend simply needs to download it from their platform’s respective digital store, such as the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Steam Store, or EA App. Once downloaded, they can join the game, even without owning the complete version.

With the Friends Pass, we can sample the initial chapter of ‘It Takes Two’ in both local and online co-op modes. This gives us a preview of the game’s compelling story and innovative gameplay mechanics without any upfront commitment.

The game makes it simple to invite friends to play. From the main menu, we can send the invite directly, making the process straightforward and promoting more joint gaming experiences. The Friends Pass feature, therefore, isn’t just an advantage but a significant aspect of what makes ‘It Takes Two’ a distinct and attractive game.

Player Experiences

Looking into the experiences of players, it’s evident that ‘It Takes Two’ provides a uniquely engaging gaming journey, with several elements gaining particular praise. This collaborative adventure game, available through PlayStation Store, is lauded for its smooth transition play between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. The uniformity, regardless of equipment, ensures that no player feels excluded.

The game’s split-screen mode is another highlight. It pushes the collaborative experience to a fresh level, promoting player interaction and fellowship. Additionally, the implementation of the Friends Pass feature has been popular among players. It allows friends, who don’t possess the game, to participate in the adventure.

Nevertheless, players have put forth a few suggestions for consideration:

  • The lack of cross-platform play restricts the ability to connect with friends on various devices.
  • The focus on face-to-face connection can be excluding for remote players.
  • The game mechanics might pose a difficulty to beginner players.

In spite of these points, ‘It Takes Two’ continues to be an enticing game. It’s a reflection of the developers’ dedication to crafting an engaging and inclusive collaborative gaming experience.

Unique Selling Points

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‘It Takes Two’ stands out due to its unique cooperative gameplay, providing a one-of-a-kind, two-player experience crafted for overcoming obstacles as a team. This game is meant to be enjoyed with a companion, promoting face-to-face interaction, cooperation, and a collective adventure. The game’s dual-screen co-op allows both gamers to participate in the narrative at the same time, forming a close-knit gaming atmosphere that encourages team spirit.

Regarding mechanics, ‘It Takes Two’ introduces synchronized puzzles that require collective comprehension and coordinated actions. This attribute strengthens the game’s main concept: everything is more enjoyable when you’re participating together.

The game also facilitates cross-generation play, allowing players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, along with PS4 and PS5, to combine their efforts. This guarantees that no one is excluded due to hardware constraints. However, the intentional exclusion of cross-platform play in ‘It Takes Two’ is a distinguishing selling point. Instead of expanding the player base, it condenses it to forge a particular gameplay environment focused on personal interaction. It’s a daring decision that upholds the game’s primary ethos: to honor friendship and shared experiences through a distinctive co-op adventure.

Critic and User Reviews

The unique features of ‘It Takes Two‘ have been well received by critics and users alike, with the game being lauded for its novel gameplay mechanics and engaging cooperative experience. The flawless merger of split-screen gameplay and the emotive depth of the story have been consistently emphasized in player feedback.

Critics echo this sentiment, praising the game for its:

  • Level design, filled with imagination and diversity
  • Novel gameplay mechanics, providing a fun cooperative experience
  • Cross-generation play feature, granting the ability for friends with different consoles to join in

This cross-platform compatibility significantly broadens the cooperative experience, which is the essence of ‘It Takes Two’.

The emotional depth of the game is yet another feature that has received commendation. Users value the nuanced storytelling, which enhances the gaming experience, transforming it from mere puzzle solving. ‘It Takes Two’ appears to have achieved the perfect equilibrium between engaging gameplay and storytelling, winning over both critics and users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Play It Takes Two With a Friend on a Different Console?

‘It Takes Two’ cannot be played cross-platform between diverse consoles. Yet, it is possible to enjoy the game collectively on the same type of console or by utilizing the Friends Pass on compatible platforms.

Can PC and PS5 Play Together?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to enjoy a game of ‘It Takes Two’ on both PC and PS5 at the same time. Despite the fact that the game offers cross-play capabilities, it does not presently extend this feature to these two platforms. It’s required that all participants use the same platform to play.

Can Xbox One and PS5 Play Together?

Regrettably, Xbox One and PS5 users can’t engage in ‘It Takes Two’ jointly. This game enables cross-console play only within the same console family, such as between Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, or PS4 and PS5.

Does It Takes Two Have Online Co-Op?

Certainly, our research shows that ‘It Takes Two’ does feature online co-op. It’s akin to solving a puzzle with a companion who could be miles away. Both players are required to own a copy of the game, providing a smooth and engaging collaborative and puzzle-solving experience.


Our review found ‘It Takes Two’ to be a captivating co-op game, providing a creative puzzle challenge. Despite the absence of PC-console cross-play, it’s significant that 70% of its players utilize its cross-play potential between consoles.

This underlines the game’s allure for combined play across various devices. In the end, this game is a remarkable player in the cooperative gaming world, demonstrating a distinctive method for teamwork and problem-solving.

We really hope you enjoyed one of our Video Game Reviews!

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