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Helldivers 2 Review – Does it worth the hype?

In the world of team games, finding a good one is hard. Yet, Helldivers 2 shines brightly. It mixes exciting multiplayer action with clever, funny commentary. You and three others face chaos where shooting a teammate is a real risk. This adds laughter to the battles1. We dive deep into what makes Helldivers 2 great, from its homage to the original to its own standout features.

Jumping into this cosmic battlefield, we squared off against strange foes. There were hideous bugs and tough cyborgs, offering diverse and challenging fights1. The thrill of advancing, winning Medals, and getting new stuff kept us coming back. The game also makes smart jokes about serious topics like colonialism and fascism. This depth makes Helldivers 2 stand out1.

Though some server issues occurred, Helldivers 2 still shone. It offers an engaging shooter experience. And it promises many more exciting hours of gameplay ahead1.

Key Takeaways

  • Chaotic multiplayer gameplay that fosters unpredictable and emergent team dynamics1.
  • Constantly enabled friendly fire feature that elevates the stakes for strategic play1.
  • An array of enemy types that contribute to a versatile and challenging game environment1.
  • Robust reward system allowing for continual customization and player growth1.
  • A satirical perspective on political systems, adding depth to the narrative experience1.
  • Active server maintenance that underscores the commitment to improving the multiplayer experience1.
  • A promising foundation for long-term engagement with prospective content updates1.

Introduction to Helldivers 2 and Its Predecessor’s Legacy

We’ve all been excited for Helldivers 2 to come out. Its features and battles against Termanids and Automatons have us hooked. The Helldivers 2 release date marked it as February’s top game2. This success helped the PlayStation 5 become the best-selling console that month2. Super Earth’s story of ‘Managed Democracy’ mixes humor and action, much like our favorite space movies.

The story in Helldivers 2 shows off the developers’ skill. It has a diverse world that challenges us to be creative. With just basic gear at first, we feel a real sense of growth as we overcome tough missions and manage our limited supplies. Enemies bring tough robotic fighters, making us think hard about our strategies and the use of stratagems.

Sony has been creating amazing gaming experiences since the PlayStation 2. That console set a record by selling 100 million units incredibly fast2. In 2013, the PlayStation 4 came out as a big competitor to the Xbox One. It wasn’t just for games; it also played Blu-rays and streamed media. Then, in October 2016, Sony launched the PlayStation VR2.

The multiplayer in Helldivers 2 really stands out. It brings players from all over the world together in a blend of teamwork and battle. Every match challenges us to work together smartly, rewarding both the effort and the strategy we use.

Top game reviewers like IGN and GameSpot gave Helldivers 2 high praises, with scores around 9 out of 10. Even PlayStation Official Magazine gave it a perfect score3. The overall reviews on INVEN’s OpenCritic are also strong, pointing to the game’s high quality4. Helldivers 2 itself got an 8.5 out of 10 review on February 14, 20244. These ratings prove how well-made and enjoyable the game is.

In playing Helldivers 2, we’re more than just gamers battling in space. We’re part of a bigger story linked to Sony’s impactful Playstation history. The ongoing tale of ‘Managed Democracy’ has us eager to see what’s next in interactive entertainment.

Is Helldivers 2 free-to-play?

Are you wondering if Helldivers 2 is free to play? Let’s look at what it costs to play this game. It’s priced at $40, which gives you a great co-op experience. This price is good compared to other games today5. Although it’s not free, the game offers a lot of features and fun gameplay6. You get awesome weapons and abilities by playing the game, not paying extra. This rewards teamwork and strategy, just like the first game did57.

Helldivers 2 Gameplay Experience

You might also be asking: Does Helldivers 2 need PS Plus? If you want to play with others, PS Plus is usually needed. This gives you a smooth online experience on PlayStation6.

Another common question is about the game’s value. Does Helldivers 2 worth it? The game is complex and challenging, needing players to work together to win5. It keeps things exciting for you and three friends, making your money well spent5.

Unlocking new content through playing is important, offering a nice change from buying extras. Hours in, you’re still challenged to earn top items without spending more money5.

In short, Helldivers 2 makes a statement. It’s not free, but it values your time and money. You won’t find pay-to-win here. Instead, you’ll get a fair game that’s all about strategic battles in space6.

Helldivers 2 Gameplay Evolution: Third-Person Shift and Its Impact

We’ve dived deep into how Helldivers 2 has grown. Moving to a third-person view isn’t just for looks. It boosts the game’s strategy. Let’s look at how these changes make the game better.

Helldivers 2 third-person perspective transition impact

Transition from Top-Down to Third-Person Perspective

Switching to third-person might surprise some. But the game’s core action stays the same. Helldivers 2’s third-person view lets you feel closer to your character and the world. Also, there’s a bunch more enemy types. For example, flamethrower enemies and laser traps make you think more about what you see8.

How the Gameplay Change Influences Strategy and Enjoyment

The new view in Helldivers 2 changes how you fight. It makes you more aware of your surroundings. You have to think about escape plans and which enemies to hit first. This makes playing the game more fun and tactical8.

Looking at other games shows this change matters. Spider-Man 2’s new moves and gadgets make fights more dynamic. Final Fantasy 14’s big world and story make the game more complex8. Games like Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Outer Wilds prove new game mechanics can make big differences9. This tells us Helldivers 2’s new view changes how we play.

Game TitleGameplay ElementImpact on Strategy
Helldivers 2Third-Person PerspectiveEnhanced spatial awareness and target prioritization
Spider-Man 2New Gadgets and TraversalAggressive play and dynamic combat flow
Final Fantasy 14Expansive World and StoryMulti-layered strategic gameplay for solo/multiplayer
Outer WildsTime-Loop ExplorationRepetitive learning and unique problem-solving strategies

In conclusion, moving to Helldivers 2’s third-person view shows how the game has grown. It changes combat and opens up new tactics. This move is key to making gaming experiences deeper and more fun.

Helldivers 2 Review: A Critical Look at New Features and Mechanics

Our Helldivers 2 review takes a close look at the game’s latest features. It explores how strategy and action come together. With a huge following of over 360,000 players on PlayStation 5 and PC, it’s clear Helldivers 2 has won many fans10. The game introduces Super Credits, a type of paid currency. Players can earn these by doing missions or exploring, or buy 1,000 for $1010. This system blends earning in-game with the option to spend, offering a smooth experience10. Players face increasing challenges. They plan solo missions, dodge growing enemy threats, and use redeploy pods to improve their position10.

Players can earn Requisition Slips and Medals to progress and buy Warbonds. These are essential for preparing your soldier for battle. Managing ammo and pursuing Super Credits in missions adds an extra layer of strategy11.

Helping land a drop pod in-game highlights the importance of teamwork. This is reflected in Helldivers 2’s high review scores, with an average of 8.1 out of 1012. Critics praise its excellent co-op play and variety, making every mission feel fresh and exciting12. While some note solo play isn’t as engaging, the overall opinion is clear. Helldivers 2 is most fun with friends12.

This game focuses on managing resources and making quick decisions. These aspects add a sense of urgency to battles. With realistic reloading and support call-in mechanics, the gameplay feels deep and rewarding. As enemies grow stronger, the game’s challenge level increases10. This mix of strategy and action is why Helldivers 2 stands out as a great co-op shooter10.

Drop pods in Helldivers 2 are not just for transport. They can also be used as weapons, adding a strategic layer to combat10. The game’s progression system and unlockable items like victory poses add depth to character building11.

Helldivers 2 combines solo and team play brilliantly. Whether you’re outsmarting enemy patrols alone or coordinating a drop pod landing with a teammate, the game creates a rich battle experience. This blending of gameplay styles has earned it high praise1012.

Helldivers 2 Graphics: Visual Upgrades from the Original

Fans and reviewers are loving Helldivers 2 for its major visual upgrades. The game offers high-resolution textures and incredible detail, making every character and enemy stand out. These visual improvements also help gameplay, with ship upgrades in Helldivers 2 providing bonuses that really change how you play13.

Helldivers 2 visual upgrades

One reason people love this franchise is the cool armored units you can pick. This time, you have light, medium, and heavy armor options. They start off similar but offer unique stat boosts to help win fights13. The addition of Helldivers 2 high-resolution textures makes the planets you fight on look incredibly real.

Helldivers 2 really shines in multiplayer mode. You need four players since there are no computer-controlled bots. This setup encourages teamwork in the ever-changing Galactic War13. It’s also the first game from PlayStation to launch with its PC version, supporting cross-platform play right away13.

To enjoy the Helldivers 2 visual upgrades, your system needs to meet certain requirements. You’ll need at least an AMD Radeon RX 470 or Nvidia GeForce 1050 Ti, plus an AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or Intel processor13. This ensures everyone can enjoy the improved graphics and smooth gameplay that keeps fans engaged for years13.

With these tech and design advances, Helldivers 2 is setting a new standard. It shows how game aesthetics and play can come together to create something incredible. We’re not just watching the action; we’re part of a vivid, evolving warfront. The clear visuals and dynamic effects make us eager to play more.

Multiplayer in Helldivers 2: Examining Co-op Features and Server Capacity

As dedicated reviewers, we explore Helldivers 2’s multiplayer features. The switch to third-person action improves combat, making it strategic yet chaotic14. Facing various alien foes keeps us alert. We plan each attack carefully to fight off the space threats14.

Helldivers 2 multiplayer review

Is Helldivers 2 Multiplayer Living Up to Expectations?

The buzz for Helldivers 2’s co-op mode has been huge. Players can personalize their characters and choose from many weapons. They can also use Stratagems for deeper strategy14. The combat is intense, with air strikes adding to the thrill. Completing missions helps free planets, uniting players worldwide14.

Server Issues at Launch: A Temporary Setback or a Deal Breaker?

The launch of Helldivers 2 faced server troubles. Despite this, the game’s popularity on Steam quickly surpassed the original15. The team, led by CEO Johan Pilestedt, has worked hard to fix these issues, showing great transparency15.

Are there still server issues? The developers have worked hard to improve. The servers now support smooth gameplay. If you’re wondering about playing without PS Plus, you can enjoy the game on PC without it15.

FeatureHelldivers OriginalHelldivers 2
Game PerspectiveTop-Down IsometricThird-Person Shooter14
Peak Concurrent Players on Steam7,000Almost 300,00015
Primary Weapon TypesLimited SelectionRifles, Shotguns, SMGs, Pistols14
Launch Server StabilityStableInitial Issues Resolved15

We remain hopeful about Helldivers 2’s future. Our shared mission of protecting planets fosters community spirit1415. The developers’ commitment to overcoming early server issues promises a great co-op game centered on teamwork15.

Helldivers 2 Storyline Continuation: Does It Capture Interest?

The journey in Helldivers 2 begins with a story that expertly mixes space combat with satire. The tale continues from the first game, diving deeper into its world and the concept of spreading ‘freedom’ in space. It’s a big story where player choices really change the plot. It also has an age rating that makes it suitable for many, while keeping mature themes.

Right from the start, Helldivers 2’s story grabs our attention. It uses the idea of real-time changes in the galaxy to shape the story. Every mission has an impact, with developers guiding the story’s direction. This makes the game’s narrative feel alive and depends on our actions.

Positive reviews for the first Helldivers game suggest that this sequel will be well received. With scores like 81/10016, 9/1016, and another 9/1016, it has big shoes to fill. These high ratings show expectations are high for Helldivers 2’s story.

Helldivers 2’s story is captivating, funny, and reflects how we play the game. Can it match or even surpass the first game’s high ratings, like 9.5/1016 and 8.5/1016? Our efforts in the game will decide its success.

Helldivers 2 Updates and Long-Term Support Prospects

The journey of Helldivers 2 looks promising, with developers dedicated to its growth after launch. The game has been warmly received, especially as it’s available on both PC and PS5. Thanks to Sony’s publishing, it remains exclusive17. Designed for crossplay, it has attracted millions who love cooperative combat experiences17.

Developer Commitment to Post-Release Content

Developers are closely listening to Helldivers 2 community feedback. They quickly update the game to match what players want. Helldivers 2 has a daily audience of over 300,000 players. Its “Very Positive” Steam reviews and high Metacritic scores show its success and quality17.

Helldivers 2 offers stellar online performance. This is thanks to a global network of 10-Gbps PIA VPN servers. They keep the game fast and secure for all players17.

Community Feedback and Its Role in Shaping Future Updates

We’re dedicated to creating Helldivers 2 post-release content that meets players’ expectations. Every piece of feedback helps us improve. We invite players from all platforms to connect and play together, strengthening our community17.

We’ve created an online experience that brings players together on Steam and PS5. Though not available for offline play, our focus remains on listening and adapting. This ensures Helldivers 2 stays at the forefront of community-driven games17.

To better understand our players’ needs, we partnered with Private Internet Access. This helps us improve our crossplay support. We believe in the joy of playing together, no matter the platform17.

Exploring Helldivers 2 Super Citizen Edition: Is the Extra Cost Justified?

We’re big fans of Helldivers and couldn’t wait for Helldivers 2 Super Citizen Edition. This special edition makes the game even better. It adds complex elements to a classic game5and brings exclusive content to enjoy. Let’s look at what makes the Super Citizen Edition stand out from the regular version.

Comparing Super Citizen Edition with the Standard Release

If you love the challenge and teamwork in Helldivers 2, the Super Citizen Edition is for you5. It adds more depth and tough playtime for fans5. Let’s see how the two editions differ, especially in price.

  1. The Standard Edition has everything you need, including cool cosmetic items to earn as you play5.
  2. The Super Citizen Edition includes all standard features plus unique additions for more variety and challenges.

So, what’s the price of Helldivers 2 Super Citizen Edition, and is it worth it? Let’s dive into its special content.

Exclusive Content of Super Citizen Edition: A Closer Look

The Super Citizen Edition of Helldivers 2 has exclusive items for fans. It offers special gear that’s not just about looks. These items can also start conversations amongst players about their adventures or tough battles.

FeatureStandard EditionSuper Citizen Edition
Base Game
Unlockable Content
Exclusive Armor Sets 
Specialty Weapons 
Unique Emblems 

Whether the extra content in the Super Citizen Edition is worth the cost depends on your love for the game. For dedicated fans, it enriches the gaming experience. It offers more ways to customize your play and make your character unique.


In our journey to explore Helldivers 2, we dug into its background and fresh features. It first appeared on PlayStation platforms in March 201516. Later, it reached PC gamers on Steam in December 201516. The latest game, released on PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows on 8 February 2024, keeps the beloved essence but brings new excitement16. IGN celebrated the first game for its depth and mechanics, and it even won at the 19th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards16. With a price of $39.99, Helldivers 2 hits the sweet spot between quality and affordability13.

Looking at Helldivers 2, we notice improved gameplay. For just $10, a premium battle pass offers better gear and more customization13. This shows the game’s fair play spirit. It’s also the first PlayStation title released on PlayStation 5 and PC simultaneously, thanks to PlayStation’s new policy13. Plus, the small differences in armor levels mean skill determines victory, making the game fair for everyone13.

Helldivers 2 is a worthy sequel that respects its roots while adding new features. Players enjoy strategic play, impressive graphics, and a gripping story. It’s great for teamwork and offers cross-platform play. Truly, it exceeds expectations and raises the bar for third-person shooters16.






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Yes, you can enjoy Helldivers 2 offline without needing PS Plus. But for online multiplayer games, PS Plus is required.

Yes, an active PS Plus subscription is necessary to play Helldivers 2 online on PlayStation.

No, Helldivers 2 isn’t free. You have to buy it first. You can also buy extra content in the game.

Yes, you can play Helldivers 2 on PS5. It’s also available on PS4 and PC.

Helldivers 2 is usually for mature players because of its combat themes. The exact age rating can differ by region.

You can play by yourself offline. But playing with others online needs an internet connection.

There were server problems at the start, but they’ve been mostly fixed now.

With the Super Citizen Edition, you get unique weapons and extra armor not in the standard game.

Helldivers 2 has both free and paid battle pass options for more game content.

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