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Helldivers 1 vs Helldivers 2 – Comparison

Helldivers 2 has become the top game on PlayStation Network, beating big names like Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and Fortnite. It also had the biggest PC launch among PlayStation Studios games1. When comparing Helldivers 1 vs Helldivers 2, the latest game sold over 8 million copies in just two months1. More than sales, the game’s heart is its cooperative multiplayer gameplay. It lets up to four players join forces, with a battle pass that never ends1.

By 11 February 2024, Helldivers 2 sold 1 million units, and by 24 February, sales hit 3 million. It was February 2024’s top game in Europe and the UK1. The helldivers sequel keeps fans excited and changes how we approach tactical shooters. We’re not just looking at sales but also how the game transforms player experiences.

This successful launch invites us to examine the sequel deeper. Not just through a Helldivers review but as a call to all fans. This is to see the progress that has improved and sometimes split the community.

Key Takeaways

  • The scope of the Helldivers comparison expands beyond simple sales figures to embrace gameplay evolutions and player community perspectives.
  • Detailed assessment of Helldivers 1 vs Helldivers 2 offers critical insights into what’s new, what’s missing, and what’s anticipated.
  • Understanding Helldivers differences is not just about content but also about the multiplayer experience and gameplay mechanics.
  • Insightful analysis through a Helldivers gameplay comparison that contextualizes the nuances between the two versions of the game.
  • Feedback and reactions drive the Helldivers review narrative, underscoring the sequel’s impact on the devoted Helldivers community.
  • Exploration of new equipment, strategies, and cooperative challenges presented in the helldivers sequel.

Introduction to the Helldivers Saga

When we talk about Helldivers, we dive into a universe where the battles are huge, and each fight is vital. Being a Helldiver means protecting Super Earth, a task filled with dedication. Here, in their battles, they share bonds of friendship and brave struggles.

Each game update takes the Helldivers story and its gameplay to a new level. Many have fought hard on this game’s battlegrounds, earning it high scores from critics. On Metacritic, Helldivers scored 83/100 for PC and 81/100 for PlayStation 42. Destructoid and IGN gave the PS4 game a 9/102, placing it high among tactical shooters.

At its core, Helldivers is about strategic skills, quick reflexes, and paying attention to details. It shines as a cooperative game for up to four players, aiming for teamwork and strategy3. Yet, the game is tough, with Helldivers often only surviving for 30 seconds in battle, showing the extreme challenges they face3.

To win, we all need to work together, choosing the right gear and tactics. Collecting “samples” on missions helps us upgrade our gear, though it’s a slow process. Over time, Helldivers 2 has improved, offering battle passes with rewards for players3.

Here’s a quick glance at the scores Helldivers earned, showing its standout position among space games:

MetacriticPlayStation 481/1002
DestructoidPlayStation 49/102
IGNPlayStation 49/102

Helldivers is all about striving for greatness, even when faced with hurdles. Despite issues like crashes, its quality gaming experience stays solid. It’s a testament to teamwork and precision, perfect for those who love a challenging shooter3.

Comparing Helldivers 1 vs Helldivers 2: What’s New and What’s Missing

We’re big fans of Helldivers and have closely looked at Helldivers 2 since it came out in early February4. Its launch saw huge success, though there were some server issues hinting at its popularity4. Helldivers 2 was released on February 8, 2024, for PlayStation 5 and PC. It’s known for its intense action and graphic content, as the ESRB rating shows5. Despite few trailers, we saw great potential in the game5.

Like earlier versions, Helldivers 2 is a third-person shooter that encourages teamwork. This sequel demands more from players in customizing gadgets and strategies for missions5. The world in Helldivers 2 is bigger, needing solid teamwork for victory. This new setting increases the challenge and enjoyment of the game5.

Missing Features and Expected Updates

In discussing Helldivers, many point out missing weapons, strategies, and an enemy group from the first game. These omissions significantly change the gameplay between Helldivers 1 and 24. Comparisons with “Starship Troopers” have sparked debates about the game’s take on tough topics. Fans are eager for updates that could bring back beloved features, potentially making the sequel even better4.

Armor Utility and Survivability in Helldivers 2

Feedback on armor in Helldivers 2 suggests it’s not as helpful or protective as hoped. These aspects of the game could be improved or expanded in future updates. This could change how players view the difference between the two Helldivers games5.

The Mystery of the Illuminate Faction and Other Content

The absence of the Illuminate faction and other elements has left fans questioning and a bit let down. Future updates might bring back these iconic parts of the game. This keeps us eagerly watching for what’s next5.

The reaction to Helldivers 2 varies, with many praising its larger map and some missing the original’s content. The need for teamwork and a better grasp of the game’s satire are notable changes. Interest in the game’s humor, especially regarding serious themes, has grown. Experts believe these discussions are vital4.

We remain loyal to the Helldivers series, looking forward to how it will grow through updates. We hope for a sequel that deepens and completes the experience while keeping the game’s sharp wit and intense multiplayer action. This next step is important in the story of Helldivers 1 versus Helldivers 245.

Diving into Gameplay Differences

We, the loyal fans, see exciting changes in Helldivers gameplay in the new game. The heart of Helldivers features stays the same. However, new details make this version grow and change in exciting ways. Let’s talk about these differences and how they change our game experience.

Helldivers sequel gameplay comparison

Game Modes: Standard Missions vs Proving Grounds

The first Helldivers game captured our hearts with Proving Grounds mode. It blended usual goals with unique twists that changed how we tackled missions. The Helldivers sequel has lots of missions but lacks the special touch of Proving Grounds. Here, we see the biggest Helldivers gameplay comparison.

Difficulty Settings and The Enemy Challenge

Looking closer at the Helldivers differences, we notice the tough difficulty settings in the original game. They made it challenging but rewarding. The sequel has tough challenges too, but it doesn’t match the complexity levels of the first game. This leaves long-time players missing the detailed challenges of the original.

Link 1 shows that Helldivers 2 demands more time from players, with missions up to 40 minutes long6. Completing missions as a team gives more XP and points than playing alone6. Working together also helps meet community goals for bigger rewards, building team spirit6. Solo players tend to finish less efficiently and get fewer rewards6. Leaving a game early doesn’t have penalties, but you might miss out on possible rewards6.

FeatureHelldivers OriginalHelldivers Sequel
Teamwork MechanicsLimited crewed operationsExpanded opportunities like crewed reloads
Social InterplayStandard communicationEmphasis on communication with versatile systems6
Gameplay DurationShorter missionsLonger missions up to 40 minutes6
Difficulty LevelsFifteen settingsVarious but fewer settings

Helldivers 2 also brings big improvements in live service gaming. It has 360,000 players online at once, showing its growing popularity7. Players can earn Super Credits during missions, encouraging teamwork as everyone shares the rewards7. Warbonds let you get new weapons and cosmetic items, rewarding successful missions further7. The game also improves weapon controls, making fights feel more real and fun7.

We can’t wait to see the new updates that bring back the tactical gameplay we love. As the Helldivers gameplay world opens up, we stay excited for what’s coming. We look forward to the blend of beloved old and exciting new features.

Weapons and Equipment: Old vs New Arsenal

In the Helldivers series, we have witnessed an array of weapons defending democracy and freedom. With the sequel’s launch, players are keenly comparing Helldivers gameplay. They’re looking at the weapons we use to deliver justice in the galaxy. The lineup of Helldivers weapons has evolved a lot, triggering many talks among fans.

The Helldivers multiplayer differences largely hinge on available weapons. This shift influences strategies and changes how players confront each other in multiplayer modes. But, we should be cautious. We often let our fond memories of Helldivers 1’s vast weapon selection cloud our view of the new game.

Helldivers New vs Old Arsenal Comparison

It’s crucial to compare the armaments of both games thoroughly. We aim to highlight how the weapons differ in variety and use. The table below showcases these differences, showing players the changes in firepower and utility they must adapt to in the sequel.

Helldivers 1 WeaponsHelldivers 2 WeaponsComments
Silenced WeaponsStealth capabilities diminished without these quiet eliminators
Plasma WeaponsLimited SelectionIntroduction of new plasma types still leaves veterans wanting more
Diverse ExplosivesNew Explosive OptionsSome fresh choices but the overall arsenal feels less comprehensive

We are excited about the new gear in Helldivers 2. Yet, we miss the broad selection of weapons from the first game. We hope that updates and community feedback will bring back the diversity and spirit of the original arsenal—or even surpass it.

We are eagerly waiting for the day our arsenal matches our legendary battles. Until that time, we’ll adapt and overcome. That’s the Helldiver spirit. We promise to watch closely how things evolve, sharing our findings in our ongoing battle for Super Earth.

Don’t forget, for more knowledge and strategies, check out the field guide. It’s marked with a critical

Strategic Depth: Helldivers 1 Stratagems vs Helldivers 2

Helldivers stratagem comparison

Helldivers fans have seen the game grow in strategy from the first to the second. The war against aliens requires smart tactics, with Stratagems and vehicles key to success. Let’s look at how Stratagems and vehicles change the game.

New Strategies and Returning Stratagems

The Railgun shines in Helldivers 2, marking its place at level 20. It’s a must-have for any battle plan8. Also at the top is the Orbital Laser, slicing through foes with precision8. Its targeting improvements showcase the game’s progression from the first to the second8.

Controlling the enemy’s movement is crucial. The EMS Mortar Sentry, at level 20, slows down foes, swinging the battle in our favor. It highlights the game’s reliance on smart Stratagem use8. Managing resources and cooldowns adds a touch of realism to the teamwork in Helldivers 29.

Vehicle and Mechs: Enhancing the Combat Experience

Vehicles and mechs are icons of the Helldivers world. Fans looked forward to their return in Helldivers 2. The Patriot Exosuit, a level 25 mech, gives players an edge in battles8. These units offer protection and add strategy to fights, proving their value in teamwork.

Future updates may bring more beloved gear, as hinted at in the game so far8. These updates spark excitement and bring players together, inspiring strategies for combat’s future.

Choosing and using Stratagems wisely is key in Helldivers gameplay. Each mission, we pick four Stratagems, sharing this choice with allies. Together, we craft plans to overcome Helldivers 2’s diverse challenges89.

The Evolution of Multiplayer Co-op Experience

We all love the Helldivers series for its team play. Working together to fight extraterrestrial threats is key. With Helldivers 2 coming out, we dive into how teamwork plays a bigger role. Will the new features make our teamwork even stronger? Let’s find out together.

Co-op Challenges in Helldivers 2

The first Helldivers game was praised for its teamwork. But in Helldivers 2, some fans miss old game modes and difficulty levels. Still, the sequel keeps the spirit of teamwork alive, offering new ways for players to join forces against space threats.

Helldivers Teamwork and Strategy

Opportunities for Teamwork and Strategies

In Helldivers 2, teamwork is everything, and adapting our strategies is key. The game encourages us to use each other’s strengths. And with future updates, the game will only get better, making our battles more complex and fun.

This game’s teamwork structure is great, but there’s room for growth. Future updates promise to add new features. By comparing what both games offer, we see what’s changed and what’s next for Helldivers co-op play:

FeatureHelldivers 1Helldivers 2Anticipated Updates
Game ModesMultiple, including Proving GroundsStandard MissionsPotential reintroduction of Proving Grounds
Difficulty LevelsFifteen, with unique enemies on higher levelsNine, with scaled challengesExpansion to match or exceed Helldivers 1
StratagemsExtensive range of strategic toolsLimited selectionAddition of more diverse Stratagems
Team DynamicsHighly collaborative with dedicated rolesEncourages strategic flexibilityFurther depth in team roles and collaboration

We can’t wait to see how Helldivers gameplay evolves. It’s the challenges we face together that sharpen our tactics. Keep your eyes open, soldiers. Our teamwork in Helldivers is just the beginning of even more exciting gameplay to come.

Helldivers 1 vs Helldivers 2: The Community’s Verdict

Diving into feedback, it’s evident the shift from Helldivers 1’s iconic view to Helldivers 2’s new perspective sparked debate10. Fans compare the two, discussing which enhances the space battle feel10. Reviews point out some players like the new visuals, while others want the original’s strategic view back10.

In Helldivers 2, players face enemies on changing planets. This means every mission offers new challenges and demands clever tactics10. The importance of stratagems has grown, making combat more complex and planning essential. However, opinions on this change are split10.

Helldivers 2 brings a humorous vibe and stresses playing together10. Solo players find it harder, but bigger teams get more rewards and extra lives10. Co-op play is crucial, as is being good with guns and stratagems for dealing damage10.

But, it’s not just fun and games. The simple ping system makes detailed communication tough in battle10. Plus, despite varied mission goals, some players feel the enemy encounters can be repetitious10.

Gathering community insights shows Helldivers 2 has potential and brings welcomed updates. Yet, players are still deciding which is better. Their ongoing feedback will help mold Helldivers 2’s future.

Analyzing the Progression System: Rewards and Grind

Exploring Helldivers gameplay reveals changes. Winning on Veld marks a significant victory and shows the power of teamwork in the Helldivers’ cooperative world11. The game’s progression, especially in-game currency and awards like 12,500 Requisition Slips for completing a Major Order, sparks debate11. The challenge lies in the grind needed to achieve these rewards.

Evaluating the Balance of Currency and Rewards

The Helldivers progression ecosystem shows the impact of committed players. Yet, not all Major Orders succeed; a recent one fell short, needing more defenses11. The engagement levels are high, demonstrating a vast community ready to fight for the game’s progress11.

Critiques on the In-Game Economy and Store Mechanics

Updates in Helldivers have altered the game’s economy, notably with the Helldivers in-game store. These changes sparked wide discussion, from memes to strategic videos on social media, like TikTok by Super Earth Broadcast11. Despite concerns about Super Credits, the game’s design minimizes grind, easing progression in Helldivers 211.

AspectHelldivers 1Helldivers 2
Reward for Major Order completionVaried Commendations12,500 Requisition Slips11
Community EngagementExtensiveUnified player base with global reactivity11
Grind LevelReportedly highReduced, offering smoother progression11

The progression discussion highlights a balance between rewarding dedication and ensuring fair, engaging play. Helldivers’ captivating updates and community wins emphasize the importance of each player in the war effort11.


Our adventure into the Helldivers universe has unveiled an exciting story. Helldivers 2 launched on PlayStation 5 and PC in early 2024. It quickly became a hit, selling three million copies in its first year12. But there’s more to it than sales. Comparing Helldivers 1 and Helldivers 2 shows us the changes. It highlights how updates can make the game even better.

Some players have concerns about the sequel’s balance and teamwork12. Arrowhead Studios knows about these issues. They’re thinking of ways to make the game fairer, like showing why players are kicked. They also want to make the game welcoming for everyone12. This effort to listen to players is rare and deserves praise.

The conversation about these two games is deep. Arrowhead is working on making the co-op play better based on feedback. We believe the updates will make Helldivers 2 even better than its first version12.


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Helldivers 2 builds on the series’ tradition of teamwork-focused play but has less variety in difficulty. It lacks some weapons, Stratagems, and enemy types, including the entire Illuminate faction. Players note the armor and stratagem options aren’t as strong this time.

Yes, Helldivers 2 brings new elements and improvements. Yet, some fans miss the original’s broad content range.

The developers hint at upcoming updates. They aim to add missing items and new content like weapons and vehicles.

Helldivers 2 keeps its cooperative play core. But, some feel it lacks the original’s depth, with fewer difficulty levels and game modes.

With nine difficulty levels, Helldivers 2 is tough. But players miss the variety and challenge from the original’s fifteen levels.

The feedback is mixed. While new features are liked, there are concerns about missing content and a grindier game progression.

You can earn equipment without real money, using Super Credits. But, getting medals for unlocks is harder, leading to community criticism.

No official word yet on the Illuminate faction or Proving Grounds mode. However, hints in the game have sparked hopes for their return.

Helldivers 2 has new vehicles but fewer Stratagem options. Fans miss the strategic depth from the original and await more variety.

Helldivers 2 adds new weapons, but opinions are mixed on their quality. Some players miss the original’s unique options and hope for more in future updates.

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