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Best Cross-Platform Games in 2024

As 2024 progresses, the realm of cross-platform gaming is a chest full of gems awaiting discovery. We’ve seen games like ‘Destiny 2’, ‘Apex Legends’, and more that have connected PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, providing us with a unified gaming experience like never before.Yet, the question persists, which among these are truly top-tier? As we traverse these pixel-filled territories, we will scrutinize, contrast, and even question the supremacy of these games. So, keep your attention here, as we’re just beginning to uncover the depth.

Key Takeaways

In the expansive cosmos of gaming, cross-platform games act as our sturdy ship, bridging the gap between different gaming platforms. They have not only become a crucial medium for social interaction but also a symbol of the gaming industry’s inclusive future.These games, whether free, family-friendly, or adrenaline-pumping, form the core of our collective gaming experience. As we move towards an exhilarating future, we’re confident that these cross-platform games will continue to lead the way.

Exploring Cross-Platform Gaming

Venturing into the world of cross-platform gaming, it’s clear that it has transformed the gaming landscape, allowing gamers on diverse systems to interact and compete without hindrance, effectively eradicating the conventional limitations of exclusive multiplayer arenas. This change has ushered in a new epoch of gaming where crossplay games, such as Fortnite and Minecraft, aren’t restricted to a single system.Cross-platform gaming, or ‘crossplay’, denotes a game’s capability to operate across various systems like Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, offering a unified gaming encounter. It’s more than just the capacity to enjoy a game on different platforms, it’s about the flawless interaction between these systems. This is a vital feature of the best crossplay games, enabling players to partake in multiplayer experiences without platform limitations.The widespread acceptance of this feature is apparent from the fact that over 70% of Fortnite players actively utilize the cross-play feature. This signals a significant demand for flexibility among gamers, a flexibility to select their platform without losing the chance to play with friends or challenge players globally. Indeed, cross-platform gaming is reshaping the boundaries of the multiplayer experience.

Top Rated Cross-Platform Games

In the sphere of cross-platform gaming, remarkable titles such as ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’, ‘Apex Legends’, ‘Destiny 2’, ‘Dead by Daylight’, and ‘Rocket League’ have received high ratings for their engaging gameplay and crossplay capabilities. These games, accessible on PlayStation and Xbox Series X, have amassed a large fanbase due to their crossplay support, which allows interaction between players regardless of the gaming console they use.‘Call of Duty: Warzone’, with its vast map and future updates, has set new standards for multiplayer games. ‘Apex Legends’ is notable for its enjoyable, seamless gameplay and innovative Ping System. ‘Destiny 2’ provides an evolving shooter experience, strengthened by a robust community backing. ‘Dead by Daylight’, the exciting horror game featuring a variety of killers and survivors, appeals to those in search of adrenaline-rich experiences. Lastly, ‘Rocket League’, with its straightforward gameplay and broad customization options, displays the strength of cross-platform gaming.These highly-rated games haven’t only reshaped the gaming field but also promoted a sense of unity among gamers worldwide, underlining the true potential of cross-platform games in 2024.

Popular Cross-Platform FPS Games

multiplayer shooter games list
In our appraisal of the gaming terrain of 2024, several renowned cross-platform FPS games come to the forefront. These high-ranking shooters not only exhibit advanced attributes that support fluid cross-platform play, but also hint at upcoming shifts within the FPS genre.In this conversation, we’ll dissect these games, their cross-play functionalities, and the future tendencies they’re contributing to shape.

Top Cross-Platform Shooters

Surveying the gaming panorama in 2024, it’s evident that leading cross-platform shooters such as ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’, ‘Apex Legends’, and ‘Destiny 2’ reign supreme, thanks to their imaginative gameplay and comprehensive crossplay backing. Below is a brief overview:
  1. ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’: Flaunts a vast map and intuitive gunplay, giving players the liberty to scheme.
  2. ‘Apex Legends’: Offers a varied range of characters and a clever Ping System, improving the teamwork-focused experience.
  3. ‘Destiny 2’: Stands out with its extensive loot and shoot content, keeping players engrossed.
  4. ‘Dead by Daylight’ and ‘Rocket League’: Deviate from the conventional shooter format, with exhilarating horror gameplay and a fusion of soccer and rocket-propelled cars respectively, expanding the cross-platform gaming range.
Each game provides a distinct experience, contributing to a varied and thrilling cross-platform gaming panorama.

Cross-Platform Play Features

Turning our attention to the essential features that contribute to these games’ popularity, we shall scrutinize the distinctive cross-platform play traits of leading FPS games, which have indisputably been a critical factor in their triumph.Call of Duty: Warzone provides an appealing multiplayer experience with crossplay support among gaming platforms, including PC and PlayStation, incorporating a special bonus specifically for PlayStation gamers.Apex Legends showcases a superb blend of smooth gameplay and varied characters, with its clever Ping System improving the crossplay experience.Destiny 2 and Dead by Daylight each provide evolving experiences across platforms, be it treasure hunting and combat or suspense-filled gameplay.Lastly, Rocket League’s distinctive fusion of soccer and rocket-powered vehicles keeps gamers engrossed across platforms.

Emerging FPS Game Trends

Exploring the evolving trends in FPS games, we observe that the demand for cross-platform play has seen a massive upsurge, bringing players on varied systems together for a superior multiplayer experience. This change has promoted inclusivity and made cooperative gameplay more fluid.Four crucial trends we’ve observed are:
  1. Famous Titles: Games such as Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, and Destiny 2 are at the forefront of cross-play FPS.
  2. Inclusivity: Cross-platform play has removed obstacles, bringing together friends on different systems.
  3. Expanding Player Bases: Cross-play has expanded player bases, enhancing matchmaking and diminishing wait times.
  4. Thrilling Gameplay: Players can relish more thrilling firefights and cooperative challenges, owing to larger and more diverse competition pools.
Unquestionably, the future of FPS games is cross-platform.

Cross-Platform Adventure and RPG Games

multifaceted gaming experiences offered
In the sphere of cross-platform adventure and RPG games, we’re observing a significant increase, with games such as ‘Genshin Impact’, ‘Minecraft’, ‘Diablo 4’, ‘Elden Ring’, and ‘Deep Rock Galactic’ spearheading the movement. These games present diverse gameplay components, engaging narratives, and most crucially, the ability to play across several platforms, encompassing PC and PlayStation.Here’s an analysis of these games:
Genshin ImpactPC, PlayStation, iOS, AndroidMMO
MinecraftPC, Consoles, MobileSandbox
Diablo 4PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XSDungeon Crawler
Elden RingPS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series XSAction RPG
Deep Rock GalacticPC, Xbox One, Xbox Series XSCo-op Shooter
Each game contributes unique elements. ‘Genshin Impact’ charms with its anime-inspired visuals and free-to-play model. ‘Minecraft’ continues to engage players of all ages with its boundless creative options. ‘Diablo 4’ and ‘Elden Ring’ both offer intense action and detailed lore, while ‘Deep Rock Galactic’ provides exhilarating co-op gameplay. With such abundant selections, the future of cross-platform adventure and RPG games is indeed bright.

Multiplayer Cross-Platform Games

Ever thought about how games such as ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’, ‘Overwatch 2’, ‘Minecraft’, ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’, and ‘Rocket League’ are changing the gaming landscape with their cross-platform multiplayer features? These games are eliminating boundaries, connecting gamers across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch through crossplay.
  1. ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’: It’s no longer only about the excitement of combat. This game’s crossplay support for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms allows us to challenge or ally with friends, irrespective of their gaming console.
  2. ‘Overwatch 2’: With its access on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch with crossplay support, it’s connecting the gaming community.
  3. ‘Minecraft’: Its comprehensive and adaptable gameplay with crossplay on Minecraft Bedrock Edition has united gamers in thrilling new worlds.
  4. ‘Fortnite Battle Royale’: Dynamic gameplay and crossplay on PC, consoles, and mobile devices have made it a global sensation.
  5. ‘Rocket League’: This game’s straightforward gameplay with crossplay on Xbox, Switch, PC, and PS4 has made it popular among both casual and dedicated gamers.
Thanks to these cross-platform multiplayer games, we’re witnessing a transformation in gaming, one that’s fostering a truly connected gaming community.

What Are Some Cross-Platform Games That Have Received Positive Reviews?

Some cross-platform games that have received the best video game reviews include “Fortnite,” “Minecraft,” and “Overwatch.” These games have garnered positive feedback for their engaging gameplay, stunning graphics, and immersive multiplayer features. With high ratings across multiple platforms, these games are loved by players of all ages.

Future of Cross-Platform Gaming

promising future for gamers
As we gaze into the future of cross-platform gaming, it’s plain to see that this advanced feature, quickly becoming a norm in the sector, holds the potential to revolutionize our gaming encounters. Cross-play capability, showcased in well-known games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Call of Duty: Warzone, is eliminating the restrictions of platform exclusivity. The outcome? A more welcoming gaming landscape, with effortless play across consoles, PCs, and mobile devices.Nonetheless, the effective realization of cross-play necessitates collaboration from all parties involved. Game creators, platform proprietors, and the gaming society need to unite to ensure a fluid, balanced journey for all participants.In the chart below, we’ve delineated some primary aspects of this trend:
GameCross-play Engagement
FortniteOver 70% of players
MinecraftNo statistics available
Call of Duty: WarzoneNo statistics available
As we progress, we predict that cross-platform gaming will persist to expand, supplying gamers with the liberty they crave, and nurturing a more harmonious, linked gaming community. The future of gaming is here, and it’s cross-platform.

Cross-Platform Gaming on Different Devices

Diving into the world of cross-platform gaming on various devices, it’s evident that this feature isn’t just a technical wonder, but a symbol of inclusivity, merging gamers across PCs, PlayStations, and Xbox consoles. The emergence of cross-platform gaming has carved a new route of unity in the gaming universe, dissolving the barriers of platform exclusivity and creating a broader player base.In summary, the following points encapsulate the significance of cross-platform gaming on various devices:
  1. Wider Player Base: It ensures a larger matchmaking pool, improving the multiplayer experience by reducing wait times and diversifying competition.
  2. Inclusivity: Regardless of the gaming platform, everyone can join in the fun. It’s a representation of gaming democracy, promoting social connections.
  3. Seamless Integration: Friends can game together, regardless of the device they own. This integration heightens the social aspect of gaming, fostering stronger bonds among players.
  4. Versatility: It offers the freedom to switch between devices, improving the gaming experience.
In essence, cross-platform gaming is a groundbreaking step towards a more integrated, inclusive gaming community, delivering an unmatched multiplayer experience.

Free to Play Cross-Platform Games

accessible cross platform gaming experience
The increasing popularity of cross-platform gaming has given rise to a new wave of free-to-play games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Genshin Impact. These games provide a seamless multiplayer experience across various platforms, making it possible for players to indulge in thrilling gameplay with friends, no matter the platform they’re using. This not only increases accessibility but also boosts player interaction.Fortnite, a battle royale game, has swept the gaming world off its feet with its vibrant graphics and intense gameplay. Apex Legends, another game in the battle royale genre, distinguishes itself with its unique character abilities and high-speed action. On the other hand, Genshin Impact, an open-world action RPG, enthralls players with its breathtaking visuals and immersive storyline.What differentiates these free-to-play cross-platform games isn’t just their flawless multiplayer experience, but also their frequent updates and events that keep the gameplay new and thrilling for all players. From the introduction of new characters in Genshin Impact to the transformation of seasons in Fortnite and Apex Legends, these games are constantly evolving, keeping the players engaged and enticing them to return for more. These factors are instrumental in maintaining high player engagement, making these games the epitome of successful free-to-play cross-platform gaming.

Family-Friendly Cross-Platform Games

When examining the realm of family-friendly cross-platform games in 2024, we’re seeing a rise in popularity, informative merit, and multiplayer features.It’s apparent that these games aren’t just a form of amusement but are evolving into essential tools in creating a learning environment for children.With a focus on cooperative play and the facility to connect across multiple systems, these games are undeniably altering the way families engage and learn collectively.

Popular Children’s Cross-Platform Games

Let’s step into the world of popular children’s cross-platform games, which are making a substantial contribution by offering family-friendly and educationally enriching experiences across multiple devices. These games are using the strength of inventive gameplay and age-suitable content to encourage positive social interactions and teamwork.
  1. Family-Friendly Aspect: These games constitute a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for kids, promoting collective gaming experiences.
  2. Educational Elements: Without going too into detail – to be discussed in the next subtopic – these games subtly integrate educational components.
  3. Creative Gameplay: They spark children’s imagination, nurturing a passion for learning through play.
  4. Social Interaction & Bonding: These games aren’t merely about fun; they function as a platform for bonding and developing teamwork abilities among young players.

Educational Cross-Platform Gaming

Venturing into the sphere of educational cross-platform games, we uncover a rich resource of interactive content that smoothly integrates education with amusement, appealing to a wide audience and reachable on numerous devices. These all-age suitable games stimulate mental growth, inventiveness, analytical thinking, and teamwork, while offering an enjoyable, immersive experience.With an emphasis on resolving puzzles, these games convert the learning process into a captivating adventure. The range of subjects tackled is vast, from math to history, ensuring a well-rounded educational platform. These games illustrate the integration of technology and education, demonstrating that learning doesn’t have to be tedious. They’re an inventive method to inspire a passion for knowledge, and a demonstration of the progression of educational tools.

Fun Multiplayer Game Options

Transitioning our attention to family-friendly cross-platform games, we encounter a world of enjoyable multiplayer choices that offer a fun, safe, and captivating atmosphere for players of all ages. These games present a unique mix of social engagement, teamwork, and thrill, all packaged in compelling gameplay and bright visuals.
  1. Social Engagement: These games unite friends and families, promoting positive relationships through mutual gaming experiences.
  2. Compelling Gameplay: The mechanics are straightforward yet captivating, designed to be easy to understand and fun for all ages.
  3. Bright Visuals: The games are lively and visually attractive, drawing a wide audience with their attention-grabbing designs.
  4. Safety: These games offer a secure digital environment, ensuring that players can concentrate on having fun and developing teamwork skills without worrying about inappropriate content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Game Can PS4 and Xbox Play Together?

A common question we receive is, ‘Which game allows PS4 and Xbox to play together?’ The answer is that well-known games such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and Call of Duty: Warzone provide crossplay. This feature enables players on both platforms to either compete against each other or cooperate as a team.

Is 2042 Crossplay?

Sadly, Battlefield 2042 does not support crossplay currently. The creators at DICE are considering this feature, so we’re eagerly awaiting a potential update. But for now, players on Xbox and PS4 cannot participate in the same match.

Is Elden Ring Crossplay?

After careful investigation, we have found that Elden Ring does not provide crossplay functionality at this time. Despite its availability across various platforms, multiplayer mode is confined to users on the same gaming console. There’s a possibility that this feature may be introduced in future updates.

How to Play Battlefield 2024 Cross-Platform?

We’re thrilled to engage in Battlefield 2024’s cross-platform play. It’s incredibly simple – just collaborate with buddies on any platform, whether it’s PC, PlayStation, or Xbox, to experience fluid online combat.


While exploring the boundless universe of gaming, cross-platform games serve as our robust vessel, connecting diverse platform islands. They’ve emerged not only as a vital link for social interaction, but also as a signal of the industry’s inclusive future.Whether they’re free, suitable for families, or thrill-inducing, these games form the essence of our shared gaming experience. As we journey towards an exciting future, we’re sure these cross-platform games will continue to guide our way.
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