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Top 10 Skyrim Archer Items & Where to Find Them

Skyrim is a world teeming with archery equipment, vast enough to fill the Great Divide. We have located the top 10 archer artifacts that will elevate your gameplay, from the quick Zephyr bow to the defensive Kynes Token.

However, these prized possessions are not simply strewn around – they’re resting in the distant reaches of Skyrim, waiting for the deserving ones to seize them. Are you prepared to undertake an epic journey towards unmatched archery skills? Hang on as we reveal the route to these legendary items.

Key Takeaways

We’ve dug up the supreme archer items hidden in the expansive terrains of Skyrim, each offering distinctive advantages and perks.

It all boils down to ‘different strokes for different folks’ as each item caters to varying play styles. So, whether you’re hunting dragons or ambushing bandits, these items will assuredly give you an upper hand.

Bear in mind, a skilled archer not only has a keen eye but also high-grade equipment. Relish your hunting adventures in Skyrim!

Skyrim Kynes Token Location

Venturing into the depths of Skyrim’s complex quests, we encounter the Kynes Token, a vital item for archers, situated within the demanding ‘Kynes Sacred Trials’. This exceptional item, imbued with the spirit of the Nordic goddess of the storm, Kyne, offers valuable bonus features that are invaluable for maximizing an archer build in Skyrim.

The mission to secure the Kynes Token is no easy feat. It demands the completion of trials set by Kyne herself, testing your fortitude against the wilderness of Skyrim. As we tackle these trials, we’re given a glimpse of the freedom and challenge that Skyrim’s open world represents.

Upon successful completion of the trials, the Kynes Token is gifted to us. This badge of accomplishment provides a 10% damage reduction from animals, lessening the threats of Skyrim’s wild fauna. Additionally, it boosts bow damage by 5%, a notable augmentation for any archer build.

The Kynes Token is a testament to the importance of strategic planning and skill selection in Skyrim. As we traverse this expansive game, we’re reminded that every quest, every unique item, contributes to our freedom to choose, to build, and to master.

Finding Gauntlets Of The Old Gods

While the Kynes Token provides unique advantages, the Gauntlets of the Old Gods are another formidable piece for archers in Skyrim, providing a substantial increase to bow damage. These gauntlets are no ordinary armor piece. They grant a noteworthy 20% increase to bow damage, making them an essential item for all archers seeking freedom.

To locate these gauntlets, the quest titled ‘No One Escapes Cidhna Mine’ must be undertaken. This quest transpires in the infamous Cidhna Mine, situated in the city of Markarth. It’s a challenging mission, involving an exciting prisoner escape scenario that demands strategic planning and daring deeds.

Completing this quest isn’t merely about survival; it’s a chase for freedom. And the reward? The entire Armor of the Old Gods set, an exquisitely made Forsworn collection. The highlight of this set is the Gauntlets of the Old Gods. With these, our bows are more powerful, our targets fall quicker, and we become invincible.

Poison Of Paralysis, Fear and Damage Health

toxic potion causes harm

Transitioning from the Gauntlets of the Old Gods, let’s discuss a deadly mixture for archers – the Poison of Paralysis, Fear, and Damage Health. This potent poison, developed through alchemy, is a game-changer for archers, providing an advantage against tough adversaries.

Here’s what you should comprehend about this poison:

  1. Ingredients: You’ll require Canis Root, Imp Stool, and Human Flesh to concoct this poison.
  2. Effects: It enforces paralysis, induces fear, and deals damage to health.
  3. Use: It’s perfect for disabling foes, causing them to retreat, and dealing significant damage.
  4. Acquisition: It can be obtained from alchemy sellers or created at an alchemy station.

The paralysis effect of this poison can be a lifesaver in combat, immobilizing challenging opponents, allowing you the opportunity to strike. The fear effect, conversely, forces enemies to retreat, providing space and time to strategize your next move. Lastly, the health damage dealt weakens your foes’ vitality, simplifying their defeat. Thus, if you’re an archer seeking autonomy in Skyrim, this poison is a necessity.

Zephyr’s Hidden Spot

Turning our gaze from lethal toxins to potent arms, we’re about to reveal the mysteries of Zephyr, an extraordinary bow concealed within the depths of the Dwemer ruin of Arkngthamz. Located in the harsh terrains of the Reach, Arkngthamz is a repository of ancient relics and lethal adversaries. However, the real reward is tucked away in its last chamber, protected by the intimidating Dwarven Centurion boss.

Zephyr is no ordinary bow. It’s an armament that resonates with the spirit of the archer, boasting a 30% faster firing rate than other Dwarven bows. This accelerated speed empowers archers to unleash a storm of arrows onto their adversaries, gaining the lead in combat. Moreover, Zephyr allows a 35% faster draw speed, a vital edge when confronting Skyrim’s lethal creatures and aggressive opponents.

The attraction of Zephyr, besides its unparalleled speed, is its scarcity. Concealed in the bowels of a Dwemer ruin, this bow attracts archers with its promise of strength and velocity. Therefore, if you’re aiming to improve your archery skills, the location where Zephyr is hidden eagerly awaits your arrival.

Locating Enchanted Dragonscale Gear

enchanted dragonscale gear quest

So, where do we locate the Enchanted Dragonscale Armor, a choice gear famous among Skyrim archers for its robust defense and enchanting potential? Allow us to go into the specifics:

  1. One method to obtain the Enchanted Dragonscale Armor is by vanquishing powerful foes such as Dragons, Draugr Deathlords, or Falmer Warmongers. These challenging opponents frequently possess this much-desired gear.
  2. If you have a skill for crafting, and own the Advanced Armors perk, you can create Dragonscale Armor. All you require are Dragon Scales and Leather Strips at a Forge.
  3. Amplifying your Dragonscale Armor with Fortify Archery, Health, or Stamina enhancements through enchanting will increase its value for archers. It’s a worthwhile commitment.
  4. Lastly, pay attention to random loot in chests or rewards for accomplishing certain quests. You might unexpectedly come across pieces of the Enchanted Dragonscale Armor.

Being prepared gives you freedom, and knowing where and how to locate this armor is a vital part of that. Armed with this information, you’re on the right path to becoming a stronger archer.

Ancient Shrouded Cowl Discovery

We’ll explore the specifics of an essential piece of equipment for Skyrim archers – the Ancient Shrouded Cowl. This headwear is a vital component of the Dark Brotherhood’s armor set. Recognized for its unique design and powerful effects, it’s indispensable for any stealth archer journeying through the extensive world of Skyrim.

The Ancient Shrouded Cowl is more than just a stylish accessory. It provides a 20% bow damage increase, an invaluable advantage for archers. This damage enhancement significantly elevates your attack capabilities, making each arrow shot more deadly than the previous one.

Acquiring this headwear isn’t an easy chore. It’s concealed within the recesses of a Dark Brotherhood side quest named ‘Locate the Assassin of Old’. During this mission, you’ll encounter the cowl on a body, a grim symbol of its former owner’s fate.

With a base armor rating of 13, this cowl offers fair defense in addition to its damage increase. Moreover, the cowl boosts Archery, Lockpicking, and Alchemy skills, extending its usefulness for stealth archers.

Dragonbone Bow Of Petrifying Hunt

creative weapon in story

Transitioning to the topic of the Dragonbone Bow of Petrifying Hunt, an impressive armament that garners respect not merely for its superior base damage.

The acquisition of this bow isn’t an easy feat, requiring both a sharp eye for treasure and an advanced Smithing skill for its creation.

The bow’s distinctive enchantment, the Petrifying Hunt, introduces a strategic element to battles, immobilizing adversaries and leaving them vulnerable to your arrows.

Dragonbone Bow Specifications

The Dragonbone Bow, with its impressive base damage of 20, is one of the most powerful bows in Skyrim, highly sought after for its unique and striking design. Crafting this awe-inspiring weapon demands a Smithing skill of 100 and the Dragon Armor perk. The construction process involves using Dragon Bones and Dragon Scales, a testament to its inherent strength.

  1. Base Damage: The bow has a base damage of 20, showcasing its power.
  2. Crafting Requirements: To create this bow, you’ll need the Dragon Armor perk and a Smithing skill of 100.
  3. Paralysis Effect: The Dragonbone Bow of Petrifying Hunt version has the ability to paralyze high-level adversaries.
  4. Appearance: Its distinctive design sets it apart from other bows, making it ideal for those who appreciate uniqueness.

This bow is a symbol of freedom and strength, perfectly suited for those who forge their own destiny.

Obtaining the Bow

Understanding the unique attributes and advantages of the Dragonbone Bow of Petrifying is important, but it’s also necessary to comprehend the method of procuring this powerful weapon in Skyrim.

Given its superior base damage and paralyzing effect, this bow is a highly desired item. We can secure it by hunting dragons, a dangerous but worthwhile task. The rewards from these formidable creatures provide the essential components for crafting.

Nevertheless, creating this bow isn’t straightforward. A high Smithing skill level is needed, a testament to the complexity and strength of this weapon. Alternatively, procuring it from certain powerful enemies is another possibility, though it’s an infrequent find.

Therefore, securing the Dragonbone Bow of Petrifying requires a mixture of skill, fortune, and courage.

Impact of Petrifying Hunt

Looking at the effects of the Dragonbone Bow of Petrifying Hunt, it’s evident that the immobilizing impact and high foundational damage make it an influential weapon for archers in Skyrim. This coveted armament, found at Halted Stream Camp, offers a significant edge in battle.

  1. Immobilizing Impact: The Petrifying Hunt’s capacity to disable adversaries with each strike provides a strategic advantage.
  2. Foundational Damage: With foundational damage at 20, it’s among the most potent bows, causing substantial harm.
  3. Halted Stream Camp: This is where the bow is located. It’s a perilous location, but the prize justifies the risk.
  4. Battle Edge: The immobilizing impact and high harm combine to give archers an upper hand in combat, confirming the Dragonbone Bow’s worth.

Dwarven Black Bow Of Fate

enchanted bow of legend

Our focus now shifts to the Dwarven Black Bow of Fate, a standout weapon carrying a potent enchantment.

This one-of-a-kind bow, unearthed in the heart of Kagrumez, carries a 50% likelihood to absorb health, stamina, or magicka from adversaries, establishing it as an invaluable tool in battle.

We’ll delve into its distinct capabilities, touch upon its location, and provide some strategic advice for using this bow to its maximum potential.

Bow’s Unique Abilities

The Dwarven Black Bow of Fate, celebrated for its distinctive ability, has a 50% chance to take in health, stamina, or magicka from adversaries, marking it an imposing instrument in any archer’s collection. This enchantment bestows a substantial benefit in extended conflicts by restoring these vital resources.

  1. Versatility: The bow’s ability to take in either health, stamina, or magicka offers adaptability in battle scenarios.
  2. Power: Acknowledged as the most potent bow in Skyrim, it delivers a compelling attack.
  3. Strategic Advantage: Its absorption effect grants players a tactical advantage, turning opponents’ strength into their downfall.
  4. Challenge: Situated in Kagrumez, beyond the resonance gem gate, acquiring this weapon is an exciting mission on its own.

This bow truly epitomizes the independence and strategy that characterize Skyrim’s gameplay.

Location and Acquisition

After examining the distinct capabilities of the Dwarven Black Bow of Fate, we shall now shift our attention to the methods and locations to secure this powerful weapon in Skyrim. This bow, known for its singular enchantment, is found in Kagrumez, concealed behind the resonance gem gate. To reach it, one has to traverse the Dwemer ruins located on Solstheim.

Here’s a simplified table to better demonstrate the process of obtaining it:

LocationKagrumez, Solstheim
ChallengeResonance gem gate
RewardDwarven Black Bow of Fate
Unique FeatureAbsorb health, stamina, or magicka enchantment

Gameplay Strategy Tips

Wielding the Dwarven Black Bow of Fate, you’ll notice its unique absorption effect significantly boosts your battle adaptability, particularly in advanced-level engagements or against formidable opponents. This weapon, located in Kagrumez, carries a potent enchantment providing a 50% probability of absorbing health, stamina, or magicka from your adversaries.

Here are some game dynamics we suggest:

  1. Employ the bow’s absorption effect to gain an upper hand in combat.
  2. Monitor your stamina, health, and magicka levels. The bow can assist in replenishing these vital resources.
  3. Don’t hesitate to confront stronger enemies. The bow’s absorption capability makes it an incredible ally in demanding fights.
  4. Search through Kagrumez thoroughly. The Dwarven Black Bow of Fate is well worth the effort of finding.

Unearthing Krosis

discovering ancient dragon priest

In our mission to augment our archery, lockpicking, and alchemy abilities, we’ll have to confront Krosis, a daunting Dragon Priest who calls Shearpoint, a dragon lair located in the peaks of Skyrim, his home. It’s worth noting that unearthing Krosis isn’t a task for the faint-hearted. Yet, the rewards, they’re worth every drop of effort.

Krosis is more than just an adversary to vanquish. He safeguards a Dragon Priest mask, a mesmerizing piece of armor that offers unique bonuses, a foundational armor of 21, and enhances your lockpicking, archery, and alchemy abilities by 20%. That’s not merely advantageous – it’s revolutionary.

Locating Shearpoint can be quite the task, but it’s a journey that offers liberation and power. Krosis lies in wait at the summit of this lair, safeguarding a word wall that imparts the ‘Throw Voice’ Dragon Shout. A strategic advantage, wouldn’t you concur?

Nightingale Bow’s Secret Place

While we appreciate the strength that comes with defeating Krosis, let’s not overlook the sought-after Nightingale Bow, a distinctive weapon with its own story and hidden location. This bow inflicts frost and shock damage, decelerating foes and depleting their stamina and magicka. This double elemental damage attribute, combined with its unique design, makes the Nightingale Bow a popular pick for stealth archers.

To acquire the Nightingale Bow, you’ll need to finish the Blindsighted Thieves Guild quest. Here are four important points to remember:

  1. The bow’s damage fluctuates between 12-19, making it a powerful weapon in combat.
  2. The frost damage decelerates your targets, providing you a strategic benefit.
  3. The shock damage depletes your enemy’s magicka, restricting their spell usage.
  4. The unique design of the bow enhances its attractiveness.

The Nightingale Bow, a quest reward, isn’t merely a tool, but a symbol of liberty for every archer. Its location may be concealed, but its power is widely recognized. Experience the excitement of the pursuit and hunt down this legendary weapon.


We’ve unearthed the top archer items concealed in the vast landscapes of Skyrim, each providing unique benefits and perks.

It’s a matter of ‘varying preferences for varying individuals’ as each item satisfies different play styles. So, whether you’re tracking dragons or surprising bandits, these items will undoubtedly provide you with an advantage.

Keep in mind, a proficient archer not only possesses a sharp eye but also top-tier equipment. Enjoy your hunting escapades in Skyrim!


We really hope you enjoyed one of our Video game reviews!

In our opinion, the superior archer armor in Skyrim is the Ancient Shrouded Armor. This set notably enhances bow damage, a vital aspect for archers. One can obtain it from the Dark Brotherhood’s side-quest ‘Locate the Assassin of Old’.

In our opinion, the prime item for a sneak archer in Skyrim is the Nightingale Bow. This weapon is a freezing force, inflicting both frost and shock damage, and is obtained from the Blindsighted Thieves Guild mission.

In our opinion, the most suitable amulet for an archer in Skyrim is indeed the Kynes Token. This amulet increases bow damage by 5% and lessens harm from animals by 10%. Acquiring it involves passing ‘Kynes Sacred Trials’.

In our opinion, Linwe’s Hood holds the title for the most effective hood for an archer in Skyrim. This accessory amplifies bow damage by 15% and can be located during the undertaking of the Thieves Guild mission ‘Summerset Shadows’. It’s an excellent fit for characters with a preference for stealth.

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